Hello and welcome to my blog. I am so happy that you are taking a minute to look at it. I started this blog in Spring of 2013 with the hopes of documenting all my triumphs and trials, tips and tricks that I have learned along the way and just plain fun things that I have discovered during my journey with my family to attain self sustainability.

Living in Central Oregon we love being outdoors. I am encouraging my kids to learn how to work and the rewards that you get when doing so. I have been wanting to start taking the sustainability seriously. I think that we are finally to that point.  Just like everyone else in America, we are on a budget. Hopefully I can figure out the most cost effective way to do things and share them with you. 

Please be sure to check back often. I will have really cool projects that we have done, recipes using things from my farm, and other cool cost saving tips and tricks. You would be surprised how many things you have around the home has multiple purposes. Thanks again for visiting my blog and hope to see you visit again soon!


Maya Bamer

Bamer’s Acres


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