My First Blog

Well.. It is Spring of 2013 and I have been wanting to document my journey on self sustainability for a while. I feel that I am now at a time when I can do this seriously and share my experiences with the world. I will be posting pictures of happenings and things that I have found work best for me to attain sustainability on a budget. As a wife of 13+ years and a mother of 2 boys and a girl, making sure that my family gets the best is a priority for me. Teaching them the ways of the world and how to have a strong work ethic. Farming, even on a small backyard scale, can teach kids of today the long term reward of getting your hands in the dirt.

I am not going to use any chemicals on my garden and I do not feed the animals any hormones. Currently, our little farm has 2 male Nubian goats, a Buck and a whether and 2 Nubian Does. The goats are for breeding so that we can have milk and meat. We also have chickens for eggs and meat. Soon we will also have meat rabbits and my garden will be coming together this spring break. We have 2 great “guard” dogs on the property. Chip and Solie. Chip is a Siberian Husky and Solie is a German Shepherd. Well… that is all for the first post. I will get some pictures up soon so you all can see what we have built so far and where we are starting from.


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