Farm Animals

2013 Chicks

Our 2013 chicks. They are in a big plastic water trough in our home. It is too cold at night for them to be outside. For more info on raising chicks, here is a great website!

2013 Chicks

Our 2013 Chicks. We have 4 Araucana (green/blue eggs), 4 Buff Orpingtons (brown eggs), and 4 White Leghorns (white eggs). They will start laying around August.


Dentyne is now a momma goat! I didn’t think that she took and she didn’t show any obvious signs of pregnancy so we thought she wasn’t pregnant. Low and behold, on April Fool’s Day she kidded twins! She sure fooled us!


This is Starburst. She is a sweetheart of a girl and is a bottle baby. She will be a great milker. She is from great milking lines and her sweetness will mean that you won’t have to “catch” her. She is a “follow you everywhere” kind of goat.


This is the boy. He was born first. We are calling him Bacon because he will be a meat goat.

Yin and Yang

Our momma rabbits. Yin is the white one and Yang is the black one. I will breed them for the first time on March 26th 2013. I will let you all know how it goes.


This is our Daddy Rabbit. I haven’t thought of a name for him yet. Any suggestions?


This is our rabbit feeder that we made from an old coffee can.


This is our barn cat, Miss Kitty. She is so lovey for being a feral cat. 🙂 The best part of her is that she feeds herself. No shortage of food out here!


This is Dentyne (the black one) and Trident (the brown one). They are sisters and their mom’s name is Bubblegum! I love tridents horn. It was a dis-budding gone wrong but now Trident is my Unicorn. 🙂


Trident wanting to have a chat.


Rocky Road smiling for the camera.  He is my stud muffin.  I bottle fed him from 1 week old.


Popcorn. What can I say about him.  He is our wether and he is a spirited little fellow.  I also bottle fed him from 1 week old. 🙂

067          084

Here is the milking stand that Kevin and I made for the goats. Even though there are no babies yet, it also works great for giving shots and trimming hooves. To the right you can see my model Trident showing you how it works. She is looking at me as if to say, “Hey! I usually get a bucket of grain with this deal!”

Here is the link to the plans we went off of for the milking stand. We didn’t follow them exactly and we used all recycled woods that we had out here on the farm. 🙂

089      091

Here is a picture of the inside of our chicken coop. The nesting boxes we bought at a yard sale but they look really easy to make. It is made from sheets of plywood. The chickens in the picture to the right are ready for their coop to be “Spring Cleaned”.

I have included some pictures of nesting boxes that were made from recycled materials. This is the best option in case you already have stuff laying around or you can save stuff from the garbage can from your friends. 🙂


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