I was talking to my father on the phone yesterday about ground squirrels, moles and other pesky underground animals that like to eat my garden. HE suggested that I plant some Jerusalem Artichoke somewhere outside my garden area and the animals would go eat that instead of my garden. hmmm…. You could also use the seeds to make flour or just put strait into your homemade whole grain bread. It is also a really strong wind break for your garden (Something I need out here). Many positives for this plant to be added to my crop.

I am also looking into adding Stinging Nettle to my crop this year. It is very high in protein and also has many uses. Tea, food, and you can use the stalks in the fall to make strong netting type rope. The indigenous people used it to make fishing nets (hence the name).


I am always looking for new things to learn and potentially avoid having things go wrong on the farm. No one likes it when things don’t go as planned. I have found a great new site for a guy who is a self Sufficient Farmer and does a Podcast  He tells about all his experiences and what worked well for him and what didn’t. I say, that if at any time, you can find someone who has done it and has done it right or wrong  it is a great way to learn. Even if it is learning what not to do.

Today, my plan is to look and find a recipe to make my own rabbit food. My questions are: Will it be more cost efficient? What do they need? Can I grow the ingredients? I will let you know how the search goes.

Hopefully, I can get my square foot garden into fruition soon so that I can start planting my garden for the season.  I am waiting on a tractor to level my garden area. I am hoping it is here in the next few days or else I am going to have to level by shovel and rake. Not my first choice… I will post pictures of the garden when it is completed.


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